Friday, October 26, 2007

Download The Amplified Bible to your PC

The dream of many The Bible scholars is to have The Amplified Bible and as much as better if he has it in his PC.

This Bible's methodology is to take point the significance of the word along with his context to have join better translation.

This serves for could have understood of a more obvious manner the significance of the verses that we go into to us.

It has been very useful to me during years in my study of The Bible and much more now that I have it in my PC.

How to download it to your PC.

1. Press the following link: Download Amplified Bible for e-sword.bbl

2. When you do it a square in order that you save the file.

3. You tell it to keep it in the folder where you have e-Sword in the Program Files of your PC.

4. The next time you open e-Sword you can see it in your PC

5. Enjoy it
Download Amplified bible for e-sword.bblx